Sponsor Management

07 Feb 2023 Do Chieu

For the majority of scientific conferences, sponsorship is a source of funding that ensures the success of the event. With its operational experience, VNC will assist the Organizing Committee to create a policy to attract and manage this important budget source. The booths provide opportunity to sh

Venue & Logistics Management

07 Feb 2023 Do Chieu

VNC has organized events in hundreds of different locations in Vietnam. With our experience, we can choose a perfect location for your upcoming conference.


07 Feb 2023 Do Chieu

Technology improves effectively the planning and implements the events. Otherwise, technology can also help contribute the friendly experiences to delegates.

Virtual events

07 Feb 2023 Do Chieu

VNC always update the latest technologies of virtual events

Registration Management

07 Feb 2023 Do Chieu

VNC has developed a reliable registration system and process with delegates before and during the conference.

Planing & Organizing

07 Feb 2023 Do Chieu

To make a plan is an activity including schedule, tasks with detailed deadlines. Contingency plans are also reviewed and established to ensure that every smallest detail is anticipated before implementation.

Designings & Printings

05 Feb 2023 Do Chieu

In organizing conferences, scientific conferences, designing and printing is the service stretching from the start of the idea for organizing a conference to the end of it. It participates in almost all activities of the conference. It gives the most extensive impression of the event (which is going